About me

My background

I was born and raised in Italy, land of the heart-healthy olive, where the love of the sun and the love of the sea go hand in hand with the love for fresh food and natural ingredients (and where my parents and grandparents still live). My grandmother, who grew up on a farm and married a farmer herself, taught me to cook and knit and crochet, and I used to watch her make her own soap using extra virgin olive oil.

Tired of the way soaps containing artificial colors

The fragrances, and chemical preservatives sold in U.S. supermarkets were affecting my skin, and wanting something purer for my young daughter, one day, I decided to try Nonna’s recipe. The soap felt wonderful on my skin, but it was very fragile, and easily broken, so I began experimenting with the ingredients. I tried various oils, natural herbs for color, and natural scents such as lavender and mint for fragrance. I became so intrigued by how the results looked and smelled, and how much softer they made my skin feel, that I started to make more and more.

Not only that

I learned that crafting soap and finding different ways of shaping and molding it is relaxing, creative, and fun. When I was happy with the outcome, I asked friends and co-workers what they thought of my product, and the orders have been coming in since then! Even Nonna likes them—and if you’re Italian, you know that’s quite an accomplishment, in itself! We have all become very conscious of what we touch, and making sure our hands are clean, and many people (especially those in the medical profession) have learning that repeated use of harsh soaps both dries out and irritates the skin. If you want to avoid harmful toxins, and prefer to use only the highest quality ingredients, free of artificial colors, fragrances, and synthetic chemicals, I know you’ll like my Ocean Natural Organic Soaps—and you will be helping a proud veteran of the US Navy (now a single mom) establish her small business, too!
Rest assured that :

If I don’t put it on my skin, I don’t put it in my soap.

Giusi Nigro