It Cannot Be Always Sunny

I will tell you a secret: I love sunny days better that rainy ones, but there is something magical about the rain. The clouds in the sky, enormous, dark grey, the sunset’s game of light seems to prepare us for a lullaby, and the noise of airplanes passing by, they are just thunders, with weird intervals, sometimes continuosly thundering, sometimes breaking the noise with silents, and the lightenings so bright, the light turning on and off illuminating the dark as turning on the night and the thoughts.

My little dog is afraid and he asks me to be picked up, he feels safer in her mummy’s arms. The cat sleeps as ignoring what is happening around. I swing in my hammock and I am too lazy to get up, seeking that pleasure to close my eyes and forget the world around me.

I have been depressed lately, probably sad, missing the people I love, I did not cook, I slept a lot when I could, I went for walks and sunsets to feel better, I searched for that contact with nature, the only one to give me relieve. I confess that I failed to shower, who does it care? Who is going to see me during this corona virus? I did gardening, mowing the grass, planting cactus, cleaning up flower beds from weeds, I looked at the rain from the window and even cried.

It is easier to cry when it is raining, nobody is going to notice it, and it is like alleviating the pain, getting it out, just as screaming inside, but the rain is mystical. Staring at the sky and watching the beauty, the big clouds, masses of foam, curves, circles, bubbles, low hanging in the sky, and the ray of light coming from the sun, that passes through the holes between the clouds, shy, and the timid light creating a huge rainbow.

The eyes smile at the sight of the arched, colorful, stunning display, and makes me want to live again, like a wake up, for that life is always colorful, and even the darkest black is life, and the beauty of it is the changing colors, it cannot be always sunny, that is my thought for tonight.

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