The coconut oil has high content of fat. It is great if ingested, unless you are on a diet, or you have high cholesterol. In cosmetics, coconut oil is never that good.

I used to make masks for my hair believing it was going to nutrish them and have great shiny hair….WRONG… the fat molecules are so big that they cannot penetrate the hair, so the effect is more drier hair.

I used to think it was great for the skin…WRONG…it will not penetrate the skin, it will clog the pores. If you purchase a soap made of coconut oil, you waste your money, unless it is mixed with another oil and the coconut oil is a small percentage, same for shampoo, and body lotion.

The best oils for skin care: shea butter, olive oil, almond oil, and avocado oil. Coconut oils in soaps have the purpose to help with bubbles. People do not like soaps without bubbles…. WRONG…less bubbles, the better.

Ocean Natural Soap is a good brand for skin’s products. The motto is “If I do not put it on my skin, I do not put it in my soap.”

We care about the health of the skin, our soaps have 100% olive oil, or 90% olive oil and 10% coconut oils for bubbles. Our goal is to sell to prepared customers, who understand about health, organic, and beauty. We desire your happiness with quality products.

Our soaps may not be so colorful either, because we refuse to use artificial colorants. There are some half way naturals, but we like 100% natural. A soap made with natural products will never be bright in color, and the natural color will be changed by the properties of the lye in the process of making soap.

The pic above shows the Sea Strawberry Soap, made with 90% olive oil, 10% coconut oil, and the handmade almond milk contributing to make your skin soft and hydrating. As you can see the bright pink of the strawberry is lost in the soap making process, the next pic shows the dandelion soap, a beautiful natural green.

A strawberry soap or a dandelion do not smell as strawberry or dandelion, that is just the content for vitamin C or other nutrients present in the used vegetable or fruit for the benefit of the skin. The natural fresh fragrance of the soap is made up by the oils, and they smell good in their natural fragrance.

Some companies add essential oils, and it is right to believe that a fragrance is good and you want to smell good after the shower, but be aware that essential oils are not always 100% organic. We use a USDA certified oil for our products. We have Sea Strawberry, and Dew of the Sea, with Tea Tree essential oil, and Seagrass Meadows, with Peppermint essential oil for fragrance.

Have a good shopping!

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