The Fakes

In order for a person to be called psychologist, a master’s degree is needed at least, and in most cases a doctorate.

For all those people who improvise themselves as psychologists, please, give me a break! Do you really want to be one? Go back to school and study for it, or stop it! Do not just concentrate in one mental illness and diagnose everybody with the same one. The spectrum of the psychologist is very broad.

When I was young, I read an entire enciclopedia of psychology, I learned the history, the psychologists, the mental illnesses, and, as a grown up, I purchased different books about psychology, out of curiosity. Do I consider myself a psychologist? No, I am not that ignorant to read about something and consider myself an expert.

The manipulators will try to input information in your mind, making you believe something is wrong with you, and void to recognize the wrong is with them, they will play psychologists, what they are, just serial mental manipulators, insecure, and users, with no feelings, as long they get what they need.

Watch, they are all over! Do they need money? They will exploit all the opportunities and if you have something to give, they will beg faking affection, and when they find someone with more money than you, they will turn their backs, or they will just disappear. In their mind, there is only the way to use you, any other thoughts, does not exist.

Be always you. If you fall in their traps, admit your mistakes, and walk away. They are the wrong, not you, you did not know and failed to see the signs, but when you see them, when you recognize the signs, RUN!

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